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Надпечатки и надписи на марках (второй вариант)


O. Ф . : (overprint with airplane) Bulgaria - Airmails.
O.A. : (overprint on stamps of South Australia) Officials (1868/1874) Official Assignee.
OAHAMPKA : Finland (1866/1874).
O.A.T. : (pre-adhesive handstamp) Egyptian - (in oval) Onward Air Transmission. - Cairo (1943).
OAXACA : Mexico - Oaxaca (1914).
O.B. : (overprint on stamps of Philippines) Officials (1906/present) Official Business.
O.B.C. : (pre-adhesive handstamp) German - Osterreichische - Bayerische Controlle.
OBERRIED. am B.SEE : (pre-adhesive handstamp) Swiss - Oberried am Brienzersee.
OBOCK : (overprint on stamps of French Colonies) Obock.
OB. TOGGENBURG : (pre-adhesive handstamp) Swiss - Ober Toggenburg.
OB. URNEN : (pre-adhesive handstamp) Swiss - Ober Urnen.
Oc.Bad.C. : (pre-adhesive handstamp) German - Osterreichische-Bayerische Controlle.
OCCUPATION AZIRBAYEDJAN : (overprint on stamps of Russia) Azerbaijan - Unofficial overprints by Entente Allied officers (1918).
OCCUPATION FRANCAISE : (overprint on stamps of Hungary-French) Hungary - French occupation (1919).
OCCUPATION FRANCAISE CAMEROUN : (overprint on stamps of Middle Congo) Cameroon - French occupation.
OCEANIE : French Polynesia (1892/1958).
OCN : French Polynesia (1892/1958).
OCUPACION DE PASQUA : Chile - Semipostal for Easter Island.
OD. : (pre-adhesive handstamp) Dutch - Ouddoup.
O.ENDIGEN : (pre-adhesive handstamp) Swiss - Ober Endingen.
OESTERR : Austria (1883/1907) Austria.
OESTERR POST LIECHTENSTEIN : Liechtenstein - Austrian postal administration (1912/1920).
OESTERR POST with KAIS KOENIGL : Austria (1883/1907).
ŒUVRES DE GUERRE : (overprint on stamps of Cameroon) Semipostals.
ŒUVRES DE SOLIDARITE FRANCAISE : French Colonies - Semipostals (1943/1944).
ŒUVRES SOCIALES : (overprint on stamps of St. Pierre & Miquelon) St. Pierre & Miquelon - Semipostals.
O.F.CASTELLORISO : (overprint on stamps of France) Castellorizo occupation.
OFF. SAK. : Norway - Officials.
OFFENTLIG SAK : Norway - Officials.
OFFICIAL : (overprint on stamps of Kenya and Uganda) Tanganyika - Officials (1959/1960).
OFFICIAL : (overprint on stamps of Basutoland) Officials 1934.
OFFICIAL : (overprint of stamps of British Guiana) Officials 1878/1891.
OFFICIAL : (overprint on stamps of Swaziland) 1933 - Not officially released issue.
OFFICIEL : (overprint on stamps of Luxembourg) Officials.
OFFICIEL : (overprint on stamps of Iran) Officials denoting genuineness (1885/1887).
OFFISIEEL : South West Africa - Officials.
OFFISIEEL-OFFICIAL : South Africa - Officials.
OFICIAL : Spanish or Portuguese language countries - Official.
O.H.B.M.S. : (overprint on stamps of German East African) Revenue stamps (1915) - On His Britannic Majesty's Service.
O.H.E.M.S. : (overprint on stamps of Egypt) Official stamps (1922/1923) - On His Exalted Majesty's Service.
O.H.E.M.S. : (overprint on stamps of Egypt) Officials (1922).
O.H.H.S. : (overprint on stamps of Egypt) Officials stamps(1907/1922) On His Highness's Service.
O.H.M.S. : (overprint on stamps of Canada) Stamp or rubber-stamped onto cover (official use) - On Her [His] Majesty's Service.
O.H.M.S. : (overprint on stamps of Canada) Officials - On His (or Her) Majesty's Service.
OHU POST : Estonia - Airmails.
O.K.C.A. POCCIЯ : Russia - Army of the North (1918).
OKCA : Russia - Army of the North (1919) - Odjeiny Korpus Severnoy Armii.
O.L. : (overprint on stamps of Monaco) Letters handed to mailmen or found in post boxes prior to 1908 - Origine Locale (Local Origin).
O.L. : (overprint on stamps of Monaco) Origine locale - Control mark.
O.L. : (pre-adhesive handstamp) French - Origine Locale.
OLTRE GIUBA : (overprint on stamps of Italy) Oltre Giuba.
O.M.F. CILICIE : (overprint on stamps of France) Occupation of Cilicia.
O.M.F. SYRIE : (overprint on stamps of France) Syria (1920/1922) Occupation Militaire Francaise (French Military Occupation).
ON C.G.S. : (overprint on stamps of India-Cochin) India-Cochin - Officials - On Cochin Government Service.
O.N.F. CASTELLORIZO : (overprint on stamps of French Levant) France - Castellorizo occupation - Occupation Navale Francaise (French Naval Occupation).
ON K.D.S. : (overprint on stamps of India - Kishangarah) Officials - On Kishengarh Durbar Service.
ON L.F.S. : (overprint on stamps of India) Private overprints to prevent theft - On Local Funds Service.
O.N.M.I. : (overprint on stamps of Fiume) Opera Nazionale Maternità Infanzia (Maternity and Child Welfare).
ONORANZE/AL DUCA DEGLI/ABRUZZI : (overprint on stamps of Somalia) Definitives reprinted (1934).
ON S.S. : (overprint on stamps of India - Travanacore) Officials.
ON S.S.S. : (overprint on stamps of India - Sirmoor) Officials - On Sirmoor State Service.
ON STATE SERVICE : (overprint on stamps of Iraq) Officials.
ONZA : Spain - Officials - Ounce.
O.P. : (pre-adhesive handstamp) German - Ohne Porto (Unpaid).
O.P.A. : (pre-adhesive handstamp) Austrian - (followed by Hermannstadt) Osterreichische Post Amt (Austrian Post Office) (1820).
O.P.A. : (pre-adhesive handstamp) German - (followed by Gratz) Ober Post Amt Gratz - Head Post Office Graz (1829/1839).
O.P.S.O. : (overprint on stamps of New Zealand) Officials for Post Office sent abroad - On Public Service Only.
O.R. : (pre-adhesive handstamp) French - Origine Rurale.
ORANGE RIVER COLONY : (overprint on stamps of Cape of Good Hope) Orange River Colony (1900/1902).
ORANJE VRIJ STAAT : Orange River Colony - Orange Free State.
ORCHA : India - Orchha (1913/1917).
ORCHHA : India - Orchha (1913/1917).
ORDINARY : (overprint on stamps of Liberia) Airmail to regular mail conversion.
ORGANISATION INTERNATIONALE POUR LES REFUGIES : (overprint on stamps of Switzerland) International Organization for Refugees - Officials (1950).
ORGANISATION MONDIALE DE LA SANTE : (overprint on stamps of Switzerland) World Health Organization - Officials.
ORO PASTAS : Lithuania - Air mails.
ORPHELINS DE LA GUERRE : France - Semipostals - War Orphans.
ORTS POST : Switzerland (1850).
O.S. : (overprint on stamps of Australia) On Service (official use).
O.S. : (overprint on stamps of Norway) Officials (1951/1952) - Offentlig Sax.
O.S. : (overprint) English language countries - Officials - On Service.
O.S.G.S. : (overprint on stamps of Sudan) Officials - On Sudan Government Service.
O.SIMMENTHAL : (pre-adhesive handstamp) Swiss - Ober Simmenthal.
OSTAS. : (pre-adhesive handstamp) German - Ostasiatische (1900).
OSTEN : (overprint on stamps of Germany) Poland - German Occupation (1939).
OSTERR-POST : Austria.
OSTLAND : (overprint on stamps of Germany) Russia - German occupation (1941/1943).
O.T. : (overprint on stamps of Czechoslovakia) Newspaper stamps used by commercial firms (Obchodni Tiskopsis).
OTVORENIE SLOVENSKENO : (overprint on stamps of Czechoslovakia) Slovakia (1939).
OUBANGUI-CHARI-TCHAD : (overprint on stamps of Middle Congo) Ubangi-Shari (1915/24) - Former French colony.
OVERTRYK (N.) : (overprint on stamp of Danish).
OVERTRYKK (N.) : (overprint on stamps of Norway).
O.U.S. : (overprint between wavy lines) Great Britain - Official overprint for the Oxford Union Society to prevent pilfering of 1d reds.
O.W. OFFICIAL : (overprint on stamps of Great Britain) Office of Public Works - Officials (1896/1902).